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Course Name: 12 Step Audit Approach
CPD hours: 1
Type: Online
Price: $60 $54

Learn which forms and checklists belong in which step to facilitate an effective and efficient audit engagement.

We will cover
Overall Goal
Objective for the NEW PEG
Professional Engagement Guide
Why use PEG?
Three Phases of an Audit
Phase 1: Risk Assessment
Step 1: Perform Preliminary Activities
Step 2: Determine Materiality
Step 3: Plan the Engagement
Step 4: Perform the Risk Assessment Procedures
Step 5: Conclude Risk Assessment
Step 6: Design Appropriate Responses
Step 7: Finalize Audit Plans
Step 8: Perform Planned Responses
Step 9: Evaluate Evidence Obtained
Step 10: Communicate Results
Step 11: Complete the File
Step 12: Form an Opinion