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Course Name: Accounting for Non-Profit
CPD hours: 1.5
Type: Online
Price: $90 $81

In this course you will learn about the accounting standards for not-for-profit organizations. You will learn the major differences from the standards for profit oriented entities and the unique characteristics in the presentation and disclosure requirements of not-for-profit financial statements.

What You Will Learn
Introduction to Interview
Interview with Tammie Norn
Which Standards to Use?
Accounting Standards for NPOs, Pt 1
Accounting Standards for NPOs, Pt 2
Why do NPOs have Different Standards
Interview with Board Member
Financial Statement Presentation
Statement of Financial Position
Fund Accounting
Interview with Board Member
Types of Contributions
Accounting for Contributions
Deferral Method
Statement of Operations - Deferral Method
Statement of Financial Position - Deferral Method
Disclosure of Restrictions - Deferral Method
Restricted Fund Method
Statement of Operations - Restricted Fund Method, Pt 2
Statement of Financial Position - Restricted Fund Method
Disclosure of Restrictions - Restricted Fund Method
Gross vs Net Revenue Recognition
Contributed Material and Services
Pledges and Bequests
Senario 1
Scenario 1 - Evaluation
Scenario 1 - Debrief
Scenario 2
Scenario 2 - Evaluation
Scenario 2 - Debrief
Scenario 3
Scenario 3 - Evaluation
Scenario 3 - Debrief
Disclosures - Contributions, Pt 1
Disclosures - Contributions, Pt 2
Disclosures - Pledges and Bequests
Statements of Changes in Net Assets
Statement of Cash Flows
Employee Future Benefits
Tangible Capital Assets
Tangible Capital Assets - Impairment
Disclosure - Tangible Capital Assets, Pt 1
Disclosure - Tangible Capital Assets, Pt 2
Disclosure - Tangible Capital Assets, Pt 3
Intangible Assets
Intangible Assets - Impairment
Disclosure - Intangible Assets
Disclosure - Collections
Reporting Controlled and Related Entities
Disclosures, Pt 1
Disclosures, Pt 2
Disclosures, Pt 3
Disclosures, Pt 4
Financial Statement Disclosures, Pt 1
Financial Statement Disclosures, Pt 2