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Course Name: CRA Audits - What to Expect
CPD hours: 1
Type: Online
Price: $60 $54

This webinar goes over the CRA Audits.

This is an area that CPAs in both public practice and industry come across.

- Who
- Why
- What
- How
- After the Audit: Next Steps

What does CRA audit?
Some common triggers
What does CRA Audit?
How does the typical audit proceed?
How far back can the audit go?
Commom Issues
Audit Powers
231.1 - Inspections
231.2 - Documents and information
231.3 - Search warrants
Demand for Foreign-Based Information
Copies and Compliance
Accountant's Privilege
Dealing with difficult auditors
The Audit Manual
How can this help you?
Table of Contents
The Taxpayers Bill of Rights
Commitment to Small Business
Once the Audit is Complete
Next steps when you disagree with the reassessment
The Notice of Objection
Procedural Issues
What if I still disagree?
Appealing to the Tax Court of Canada